2" hand forged brass triangles featuring a hand dyed & carved batik style cattle bone bead from Kenya & hand stitched African seed beads.
Through the collection of ancient wisdom we come to know the associated meanings of colors and symbols found in nature.

These hand forged brass earrings are inspired by sacred geometry, the inverted triangle is one of the oldest symbols of divine feminine power and fertility. The three equal angles in equilateral triangles are associated wisdom and intuition.

Seed beads are small beads formed from glass, they were used for trade in a variety of African cultures.
These seed beads are stitched to the brass frame by hand.
Turquoise the color represents femininity, serenity and tranquility.
While the color ivory represents pleasantness and elegance.

'BADU' is intentionally designed to honor divine femininity energy which is the embodiment of collective healing & to reflect sacred geometry, which guides our connection to the greater cosmos.
This piece is very intricate and require 1 week processing time. Each piece is made to order. Contact us for color customization.